A systematic analysis of NDE case reports and research.

This study looked at all the NDE case reports and research studies published in all languages between 1980 and 2022.

A total of 2,407 studies were examined. These were critically appraised and evaluated for relevance, quality, validity and methodology using standardised tools.

A final list of 54 studies exploring the experiences of 465 people was then systematically reviewed and analysed.

Title: Explanation of near-death experiences: a systematic analysis of case reports and qualitative research
: Amirhossein Hashemi, Ali Akbar Oroojan et al.
: National Library of Medicine.
Published date
: April 2023.
Link to full paper

The authors of this paper conclude:

It can be almost concluded that according to the researchers who have presented valuable research in this field, the basis, and the content of the patterns mentioned by the NDEr’s are similar, and the differences are in the explanation and the interpretation of the experience. There is a common core among them such as out-of-body experiences, passing through a tunnel, heightened senses, etc.

This is what all ethnic groups and nations face, without exception and without being influenced by religion, race, culture, and the native customs of their countries. Besides this central core, a series of other events or actions take place, which are more detailed and rooted in the personal archive of the NDEr’s, consisting of all kinds of symbols, images, and characters which have been important only to that person. It is clear that aspects of near-death experiences are influenced by culture, while there are also parts that are universal.

The most critical versatile features include altered states of consciousness and delusions, which seem to occur in all cultures studied so far. However, the specific characteristics of this experience vary significantly according to cultural context. The first point is that apparently, the content of experiences shows variations. For example, in some cultures, certain religious figures may be seen, and unlike them, others may see their deceased relatives. Second, the pattern of this experience is diverse, so people from certain cultures may have the experience of leaving the body, going to the tunnel, and reviewing life, and unlike them, the experience of others does not include these, and finally, the concept and perception of the near-death experience are different among cultures.

In the current study, four main NDE categories were extracted from case reports, case series, and qualitative research studies, in the majority of which the experiences were common. The heightened senses and the improved consciousness among these individuals even indicate that “these experiences are neither dreams, nor sleep, nor the disorders caused”; “This phenomenon is medically inexplicable.”

The research conducted in this field show a stable pattern of enhanced consciousness and heightened senses, “which leads to the clarity of NDEs and proves their being real.” The familiarity of the treatment staff, especially nurses and doctors, with NDE components and elements, gaining knowledge in this regard, and an awareness of appropriate and pertinent interventions can lead to proper reactions and feedbacks in response to the NDEr.

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